Organization and support of business events

Conferences, trainings, opening or awarding ceremonies, seminars, exhibitions are just a small list of events that we organize for our business clients in a high-quality and on time schedule. When planning a business event, we first of all build on the goal of it and choose the tools for its achievements, giving the customer to think only about their business, and not how to reproduce the presentation on the screen and other technical aspects. In addition, with our help, your event will not only be held on a qualitative level, but will have its own person, taking into account all the features of your company and your business.

Organization of entertainment events

The life of the company is not only a series of working days, but also events, in an informal setting of which relations between employees are formed and strengthened. A corporate holiday is an excellent occasion to demonstrate that the company is doing well, and the management is ready to share success with everyone who took part in its achievement.

Our professional team organized and held a huge number of entertainment events for various companies, each of which was in its own way exclusive and unique. Our holiday is just an event that employees of the company remember then a whole year, having received a positive charge for effective work in a friendly team.

Corporate New Year;
Other calendar holidays;
Anniversaries of the company;
Outings, picnics, holidays for employees with their families;
Quests and sporting events;
Various ceremonies and concerts with the invitation of the stars (local and world variety);
Birthday chef;
Other events.

All this is our well-coordinated team is ready to organize for you at your request from idea to implementation.

Social activities

Social events are a serious step in the development strategy of your business, which is best done together with professionals.

In our activities, carrying out social events is of great importance.

Organization of social events with our company is the development of the original concept and program of the event, selection of activities, administration, technical support of the event.

Charity events;
Sporting events;
Trade fairs;
Sponsorship events.

Our long-term and diverse experience has shown that such projects can bring visible benefits to both the surrounding people and the company that conducts them.

Conferences and Presentations

Organization of a conference or presentation by our team is a complex of services for the development, preparation and implementation of such an event of any complexity.

The organization of conferences and presentations includes:
Selection of a site for an event in any city;
Branding of the site, development of advertising and printed products (badges, badges, pens, notepads, folders, programmok, etc.);
Accommodation at the hotel;
Catering (coffee-break, buffet, gala dinner, other options);
Registration of participants;
Organization of transfers;
Control of staff;
Provision with technical equipment for conferences, meetings, negotiations and presentations at a high modern level;
IT services;
Simultaneous translation;
Complex administrative support;
Coverage of the event in the media.

For obvious reasons, the organization of such business events should be ideal. Therefore, it should be trusted only by professionals of extra-class with experience and wide opportunities, which our experienced team certainly possesses.

Press conferences

The press conference is a carefully planned PR action aimed at disseminating information through the media. For this purpose, a special meeting with journalists is organized, during which they are informed of the information occasion of this press conference.

An informational excuse is a kind of clue that makes the event interesting for viewers, readers, listeners. A competent information occasion is the key to the success of any event. The event should be news for the press, and, accordingly, for those people who draw information from it.

We will help you not only solve all organizational issues in preparation for the press conference (place, necessary equipment, invitation of journalists and guests, buffet table, etc.). The most important thing is that we will help you correctly present your information message, or even help in its creation, and, accordingly, in creating press releases, both for the press and for television. After all, one, even the smallest mistake in the development and submission of an information occasion, can lead to the fact that your press conference will work against you.

Our staff will help you to highlight your press conference among others, making your information opportunity as interesting as possible to your target audience.

Organization of VIP events

The organization of VIP events is focused on a certain range of customers. As a rule, the proposal is in demand among the heads of large business, HR managers and wealthy private clients. The format of the event depends on the specifics of the customer’s preferences

To create a holiday atmosphere, we will choose the best banquet halls, villas or yachts, decorate the premises with exquisite decoration, provide all the necessary maintenance, invite the best music accompaniment (including foreign performers). We will pick up the event corresponding to the status of the host. Everything will depend on the wishes of the client, his tastes and requirements. Want a medieval ball – please hold a solemn event on the yacht – no problem!

The organization of VIP events presupposes the presence of important VIPs at the celebration, therefore we will surely take care of safety and peace during the holiday, hiring professional security services.

Any event in the life of an enterprise or company that has no relation to professional tasks, in which employees of the company participate, may be attributed to corporations.

Conducting corporate events brings employees energy, if respect for the common cause wakes up and there is a belief in the company, in the collective – therefore, the organization of corporate events was held at a high level. Organization of corporate parties is not just a joint celebration of another holiday date.

Corporate events can be very diverse:
• Joint excursions;
• Departure for sporting events;
• Presentation of awards within the team;
• Conducting psychological training, etc.